• Silvia Popa

Reconnecting with The Cosmic Soul

“Our psyche is set up in accord with the structure of the universe, and what happens in the macrocosm likewise happens in the infinitesimal and most subjective reaches of the psyche.”  Carl Jung

We are going through an important transformational period, and we can all feel its significance. On all levels—including the astrological perspective—these times come with intense evolutionary pressures for the radical reconfiguration of all the world’s structures. My astrological analysis takes into consideration the larger archetypal framework, a deeper way of understanding what’s happening in the world on both the collective and personal levels. We are all participating in a larger mystery, so let’s find out what messages the AstroGods are sending us in regards to the Coronavirus.

From a deep psychological perspective, our inner world of the psyche and the outer, external cosmos are intricately connected. Archetypes are the universal principles, patterns, and powerful energies derived from the collective unconscious. These archetypes contain, and direct, conscious behavior and events in the world through planetary movement.

At the beginning of the year—when five planets in Capricorn (Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, and Mars) formed the perfect conjunction—I predicted the manifestation of this aspect. I knew these alignments coincided with events of tremendous historical crisis and gravity, typically associated with the outbreak of major wars. Of course, no one expected that the war would be humanity’s battle with a deadly virus.

We also need to be aware that the planet was already in a state of global emergency, and that these astrological aspects have been preparing since 2018.

The intense experience of Saturn-Pluto—both collectively and personally—is one that shapes our character, and profoundly transforms the structures of societies, economies, and daily life, as well as our own psychological inner world.

The Phoenix bird archetype rises up from the ashes, and by destroying all the things that don’t serve us anymore, it brings a new light—a new order to society and in our personal lives.

As we learn the lessons we are being taught, we go through an alchemical process that allows us to awake, transform, and shift to a new level of consciousness. Saturn and Pluto bring an emerging new future. This historic world-challenge can only be overcome with moral courage, sustained discipline, labor, and maturity. This is what is required by the essential character of the Saturn-Pluto complex. Not only is the Saturn-Pluto archetype manifesting in the entire collective psyche, it is also manifesting in every person’s birth chart/ personal configuration. We are all participating in these transformational forces.

Saturn-Pluto also helps us to rely on our own inner resources and reserves, thereby effecting a moral strengthening of consciousness against the unconscious. The Capricorn energy is manifested in our definition of success—it forces us to redefine our ambitions, careers, and the way we look at our own happiness. This aspect also brings breakdowns, a need to face our shadows, and will take us into the “dark night of our soul.” Death and rebirth is one of the Archetypes manifested by the Saturn-Pluto alignment. It will take us into a new paradigm—one which could last for the rest of our lifetime. Jupiter, the luckiest planet, stands by our side and helps us to trust and to remain open to the unknown, which can bring miracles. It’s up to us, individually and collectively, how we respond to these powerful initiatory processes and transformational times.

Our souls have already signed up to be here under this planetary alignment. It is a choice we all need to embrace in order to learn our lessons, to stand up in our power, and to choose a different way, from a place of higher understanding, of truth, love, kindness, and compassion. We are currently bathing in these strong cosmic energies, and it is within these energies that we can find profound creative intelligence, where we have access to possibility, where we can choose our personal depth and true meaning, and where we can be reconnected with the whole Cosmic Soul, with the Anima Mundi. We have all received a reminder to reconnect with our humanity. It may be frightening, but it is so wonderfully powerful.

Are you ready?

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