Discover your potential. Build your future  

      Astro Coaching combines the power of astrology to map the personality, with the power of life-coaching to generate a positive evolution in relationships, career, well-being, and the most important, the personal growth.

      It’s a method to allow people to really understand themselves in a very short time and help them make important choices in life.


1.  Astrological Reading

Natal Chart Reading + Relationship readings+ Predictions

           The consultation is  based on your astrology chart. The chart is not used here from a ' prediction perspective ' but as a tool to identify the followings:

  •  What is the potential for personal growth and how to unlock that potential

  •  Which are the core needs of the personality

  •  What is the relationships behaviour and its challenges

  •  Which are the toxic patterns that prevent from self achievement

  •  Which are the best coming periods to act and establish a strategy

         The Astrological Reading allows us to see and understand in a 2h session the structure of the whole personality, and how we can best use it towards self achievement in order to fulfill your personal needs – as the fulfillment of those needs are the key to inner balance and harmony.

It can be done as a single consultation, or followed by Personal Coaching Sessions

Price: 350$/2h

 2. Personal Coaching 

A Personal Coaching session helps you to discover how to:

  • Use your unique strengths and talents to overcome challenges

  • Manage stress, work through a difficult life event or transition

  • Identify and work toward personal and professional aspirations and goals

  • Create a vision for your life

  • ​Identify and eliminate barriers that are draining your time and energy 

  • Establish work/life balance

  • Building the life you can be proud of

Price- 200$/ 90 min

My approach on the holistic healing uses a mix of my specialisation therapies: Coaching Techniques, Art Therapy, Family Constellations, Nutrition, Phytotherapy, Astrology, Massage, Oriental Body Techniques, Reiki, QiGong - spiritual, & energetical ways of rediscovering and build a new Self.