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System Dynamics & Organisational Constellations are methods for exploring burning issues and entrenched patterns in organisations and communities. Based on the systemic work of Bert Hellinger, the constellating process draws on the embedded intelligence of a situation to reveal hidden dynamics in key areas such as leadership, conflict resolution, relationships between stakeholders or between founders and their successors, culture change, management of innovation, organisational restructuring .



LEADERSHIP COACHING is a process of self-discovery and transformation. Leadership Coaching helps to perform sustainably at the highest levels by skillfully managing your physical, emotional and spiritual energy . 

I propose one-on-one sessions with executives and leaders helping them:

  • Rediscover the core beliefs and hidden dynamics for choosing a leadership role

  • Set, plan and achieve goals by providing an opportunity to work on business and life plans

  • Engage in conversations that they would otherwise not hold with anyone else

  • Create a culture of integrity and accountability



                                                                3. ASTROLOGY RECRUITMENT

Long before the field of psychology was integrated into recruiting techniques, astrology was often been used to describe human personality. An analysis of natal charting illustrates the native abilities of a person, identifying personal development opportunities, both in terms of soft skills and specific professional skills.

        In recruitment, in organizational management and in leadership, astrology helps your company to have the best professionals in the field, selected through a profound and holistic analysis of human potential. Astrology also identifies employee compatibility, an important element in the efficiency of the human resource management, and business profitability.